Saturday, August 29, 2009

Open Forum - 29 August 2009

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  2. Hi TF,

    A bit over 12 hours ago, I submitted the following post in the combox of your Chief Shepard – Jesus or the Roman Bishop thread; but alas, you still have not chosen to publish the post, as such I am re-submitting my post in this forum:

    >> Hello TF,

    You wrote:

    >>Mr. Bellisario's attempt to use Scripture to support a need for a single earthly chief shepherd has backfired. Scripture teaches a single chief Shepherd, but that is Jesus, not Peter, and certainly not the bishop of Rome. There are shepherds under Christ, but there are many such shepherds, not just one. While Jesus did say particularly to Peter "Feed my sheep," neither Peter nor any of the other apostles applied that uniquely to Peter.>>

    Me: In my reading of Catholic literature, I have never came across any author/theologian/bishop who has denied the fact that our Lord, Jesus Christ is the “single chief Shepard” of His Church. Yet with that said, I also do not of know any Catholic author/theologian/bishop who would deny that there is one true King of God’s Kingdom; and yet, Scripture speaks of many who were anointed as kings of God’s earthly Kingdom. If the one, true, single King can (and did) appoint earthly representatives to the position of king, why is the notion that He has appointed an earthly chief shepherds such a difficult concept for you?

    Grace and peace,


    P.S. Just moments ago, a came across two new threads that are certainly relevant to many of your recent threads on Catholicism:

    Hermeneutics and the Authority of Scripture

    Which Lens is the Proper Lens?

    Any thoughts ???

  3. I have actually been working on a response to your comments. We'll see how long it takes to actually get around to posting it.

  4. Hello TF,

    I have responded to the opening post of your thread, “What About King Saul?”, HERE.

  5. Thanks for letting me know. It looks like Blogger's automatic link-back worked as well.