Monday, June 22, 2009

Open Forum - 22 June 2009

This is an open forum. The rules are:

1) No blasphemy or profanity;
2) Nothing illegal or threatening; and
3) No promises of any kind from the blog owner.


  1. Turretinfan,

    Finally! I'm so tired of your looking at and filtering comments on your own blog before they go through. Typical.

    --John Cottonpicker

  2. Dear Turretinfan,

    I don't really have anything to say, so I thought I'd say it here.

    Uh, that's all.

    And, of course, I wanted to be one of the very first bloggers to say nothing here of any relevance. Now my life is complete.

    Yours in Christ,


  3. Dear Turretinfan,

    I just got back from my daily browsing tour and I have a couple of petty criticisms of our friend over at AOMIN.

    Since you have an "in" with the brother, please tell him to spell "cemetery" correctly.

    And please, if at all possible, have him get rid of that lame rendition of "Indiana Jones" for his next post on "Jerusalem Jones." I'm guessing there are licensing issues involved in using the original soundtrack, but I mean, PULEEZZEE! That was just awful.

    And no more dancing with the headphones on!

    Spinelessly yours,


  4. Just stopping by to say that I hate your guts.


  5. Mr. Fan,

    How will this forum operate? If we want to leave a comment for you with respect to an article on your moderated blog, do we leave it here and you later decide whether to post it there? Or does what is stated here, stay here?

    Your in Christ,

    Paul H.

  6. There's a murloc in this forum!!!

  7. Wow - (almost) everybody is a comedian. :)

    Mr. Hoffer: I don't make any promises about this forum. See rule 3. That said, if I saw a good comment here, I don't know why I wouldn't respond to it.

  8. Mr. Fan, Thank you for your clarification.

    To the others, I appreciate seeing all of the attempts at humor. I will have to adjust my worldview about Calvinism accordingly.

    God bless!

  9. I am disappointed that you did not continue to follow this thread:

    I think that of all the areas where individuals are "in play" (that is, conteplating conversions, especially to Catholicism), your presence would be most helpful. Especially since the owner of that blog, Jason Stellman, encourages warm, fuzzy looks at Catholicism, and has commented that way himself.

  10. JB: Thanks. Yes, I was thinking of going back there - I just have not got around to it.

  11. But I haven't seen anyone flame him for having a banner of Hitler and a Roman Catholic cleric (a cardinal?) shaking hands.

    The theonomists should perhaps, because he's suggesting that the Romanists are the ones who effectively deny the separation of church and state.

  12. TF, he is, or used to be, a big advocate of Westminster's 2-Kingdoms theology. The Hitler/Cardinal image he selected merely for its abiity to show the juxtaposition between church and state.

    I had been following his blog for some time, and had even listened to some of his sermons (especially his Revelation series, which followed Beale's commentary quite closely.) Around last August, though, he became enamored with Bryan Cross's version of Catholicism.

    I got caught up in the discussion, and soon I was hated there, because everyone else seemed to be enamored with Catholicism, and I was practically the only one from the Evangelical side.

  13. Hi Mr. Fan, I read your article commenting on newspaper article written by Enrique Maza, S.J. You were aware that Mr. Maza (I do not know if he is actually a priest or a brother) is a big into liberation theology to indigenous peoples in Mexico and Central America, is anti-American or at least anti free market and anti free trade, pro-Cuban, believes that the Church is wrong on the issue of homosexual marriage, and is against Our Lady of Gaudalupe in part because a devotion to her leads people to pray instead of exercising their Christianity to promote social justice and human rights.

    I just thought you might want to know ...

  14. The article is about some things said by Maza, but is not (afaik) by Maza.

    But yes - there are some wacky Jesuits out there.